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Updating digital slr camera firmware

NOTE: This will delete all of the photos; make sure you have copied them off first. The only difference is that you have to choose the lens update in step 4, and a different BIN file for your lens in step 6 (as the update comes with different firmware options for each Samsung NX mount lens) and lens update in step 7.

and enter the model number (listed on the bottom of the camera) to find the right download page for your model. Click on the button marked "ZIP" for the upgrade file (not the one marked "lens").

Do not turn the camera off, remove or disconnect the power source, or operate camera controls during the update. 1 2 Insert a formatted memory card in the card reader or card slot.

I know "upgrading is usually better", but I'm curious if that's something that can be done by Joe User who doesn't know how to disassemble a camera, or if you have to do something like ship the camera to the maker for them to do it.

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Get ready To upgrade the camera firmware, you will need: The camera A computer equipped with a card reader or card slot One of the following camera power sources: An AC adapter A fully-charged rechargeable Li-ion battery of a type supported by the camera A Nikon-approved memory card that has been formatted in the camera (note that all data on the memory card will be deleted when the card is formatted; before formatting the card, back up any data you wish to keep to a computer or other device) The camera User s Manual file:///k /D3100 v1.01/En/dslr_mac_en_(1 of 6) [1/24/2011 PM] Check the current camera firmware version The menus displayed on your camera may differ from those shown here. When copying is complete, confirm that the camera volume contains the XXXX### Check the camera firmware version as described in Step 2, Check the current camera firmware version. If the updated version is displayed, the update was successful.

file:///k /D3100 v1.01/En/dslr_mac_en_(3 of 6) [1/24/2011 PM] Important Be sure to copy the XXXX###to the root directory of the memory card. Follow the on-screen instruction during the update. file:///k /D3100 v1.01/En/dslr_mac_en_(5 of 6) [1/24/2011 PM] #.## is the firmware version. file:///k /D3100 v1.01/En/dslr_mac_en_(6 of 6) [1/24/2011 PM] Updating Digital SLR Camera Firmware Thank you for choosing a Nikon product.


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