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Updating cakephp

For instance, the (now located in (cakephp root)/app/Config) with the values for your application.

Make sure to copy over the salt and cipherseed values from your old installation too, since Cake PHP will continue whining when you use the default ones – it’s a security risk.

The most important one is folder and manually clear the (persistent) cache before running the shell.

I never really had to manually replace my with the new 2.x

PHP/users After visiting the above URL and clicking on the Edit link, you will receive the following output where you can edit record.

Please help to migrate all 2.x and 3.x relevant upgrade commands to this new repo.

Justin Yost shows how to use Cake PHP to upload individual photos to a website and add support for uploading multiple photos at one time.

updating cakephp-90updating cakephp-76

e) Either put the cake shell from the downloaded 2.x repository in app/Console or use the lib/Cake one. Run any of the available commands (see details below).

The original one lacks a lot of things that could be done automatically.

Changes have been reported as ticket, but so far it has not yet made it into the official version.

Now you are using Composer to pull in your plugins, but you are still having to commit the framework to your repo. For the sake of this example, we will assume that you have a standard layout in your current project.

So it’s time to remove your Cake PHP lib and start requiring it as a dependancy instead. If you are not familiar with the current layout, take a quick look at the 2.5.3 tag to check the folders.


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