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She quickly thought better of it and wrapped it up and brought it with her in a Ziploc baggie to yet another visit to the doctor.She had figured out what it was herself and the doctor confirmed it. They had been collecting for the past She even took an unopened tampon and showed me how the fibers come off so easily.Hi Rosie I wouldnt advise using tampons just yet but speak to your MW or HV!!Your first period can come at anytime its kind of like a waiting game With my first lo my 1st period came after 4wks, but im still waiting after havin my 2nd and he is now 4mths old :?Not read all the post in depth but saw about tampons..............no dont use em.

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If you have longer nails, be sure to clean them well and trim them back a bit.

Whichever experience you had with purchasing The Diva Cup, congratulations!

Tomorrow when your period is due to arrive, you will open up that shiny new package, take out The Diva Cup and experience immediate period bliss… The truth is for many first time users, finding success with The Diva Cup can take a few days, or even a few cycles and that is really okay. Unlike tampons, The Diva Cup is inserted differently and makes you get up close and personal with your vaginal health.

Ive been told that ive not had my period due to bf my son, but i finished bf him at 8 wks and still no sign.

I wouldnt worry about it just wait and see is my advise but keep something handy Hope ive been some help Take care Em x Hi Rosie I had my first period 8 weeks after I gave birth and my doctor seemed to think that was pretty much the norm.


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