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Check your cupboards and refrigerators, if you have products that use Gum Arabic get rid of them and do not buy products with the Gum Arabic additive.

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One of the commentators said that Osama Bin Laden owns a HUGE amount of stock in the company that makes Gum Arabic.

Gum Arabic is known to be in some Softdrinks and many other food items.

[The 10 Most Diabolical & Disgusting Parasites] "It is the one most prevalent in the delta region of Egypt now, and researchers have always assumed that it was a more recent pathogen, but now we show that goes back thousands of years," said study researcher George Armelagos of Emory University in Atlanta.

Although Armelagos and his colleagues weren't able to discern how bad the infections were in these Nubians, they said those who were infected would have felt run down — which would have affected their work (mostly farming).


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