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How can I get the Property Grid to automatically refresh when the Collection Editor has been closed? It will automatically refresh the property grid when the collection form is closed.

I sought for a solution earlier where I should subclass Collection Editor (which I can't seem to find).

Your code shows the getter/setter boilerplate, but nothing about the backing fields.

Also, since Public Class Animal ' auto implement props available since VS2010: Public Property Name As String Public Property Species As String Public Property Weight As Double Public Property Coloring As Color ' backing field for the List: Private m Foods As List(Of String) ' this of course would be the same as your code...

(Reflection is a technology that provides type information at run time.) The following screen shot shows how a Property Grid looks when placed on a form. Property Grid on a form The Property Grid contains the following parts: To create a Property Grid control using Visual Studio . First, update the _ Public Class App Settings Private _save On Close As Boolean = True Private _greeting Text As String = "Welcome to your application!

NET, you need to add the Property Grid control to the toolbox, since it is not included by default. In the dialog box, select the Framework Components tab and then select Property Grid. The following code demonstrates creating a Property Grid control and adding it to a form. " Private _max Repeat Rate As Integer = 10 Private _items In MRU As Integer = 4 Private _settings Changed As Boolean = False Private _app Version As String = "1.0" Private _window Size As Size = New Size(100, 100) Private _window Font As Font = New Font("Arial", 8, Font Style.

We updated to the newest dlls and are now noticing that when we change the Item the grid is bound to, the property grid does not refresh with the new values of selected item.

Toggling between Categorical and Alphabetical view modes does refresh the bindings in the grid though. Thanks, Hello, We are already aware of such an issue and it should be resolved with the latest internal build scheduled to be released later today.

Thanks The information displayed in the grid is a snapshot of the properties at the time the object is assigned. I've had a look around and can't seem to find a solution (I'm probably not looking hard enough). I get an error at telling me "Type 'Editor' is not defined", so I Imported "System. I have already copied and pasted into a new project and I get errors.If, after the reset, I do a property grid "Refresh", it has the reset colour.I'm assuming that the property grid doesn't know that the underlying object has been changed ?I run the code, the form opens, I click on the Foods property and an Editor opens, I click Add and get the error "Constructor on type 'System.String' not found." which I've had before, and I fixed using - which itself is an object - that property container does not exist and neither of them will create it for you.Hi, You took the time to write an excellent article but you have no code that support it. I voted 5 but I really would have liked to have code. You might want to change how some properties are displayed, and even choose to not display some properties. Many visual aspects of the Property Grid are customizable. The following screen shot shows how it should look. App Settings class selected in the Property Grid You can modify some visual aspects of the Property Grid to fit your needs.


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