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Let take a few keyword under porn: Sex – 50 Porn – 40 Adult – 10 And under news: News – 20 Reporter – 20 Breaking news – 40 If we analyze this sentence: ‘our reporter just have breaking news about sex ring that was arrested, further in the news’ We can see that the ranking for category news would be: 80 and for porn it would be 50, so we can say this is a news category.

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However when the IE history file was analyzed by visit, or “hit,” count, the Pictures/Profiles (31.5%) category had the highest visit count followed by Neutral (19.3%), Gay Porn (17%), and Child Porn (16.6%).

When comparing the frequency of URLs to the Hit Count for each pornography type, it was noted that the accused was accessing gay porn, child porn, chat rooms, and picture profiles (i.e., from Facebook) more often than adult porn and neutral websites.

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