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Online dating bald guys

I am tired of hearing women saying "He is bald" as if he was ill or rude.

Being bald is like growing older and getting wrinkles. If a woman is obsessed with dating men with full heads of hair, then she could be classed as extremely shallow and overly obsessed with youth.

When a man joins a dating website, it’s not really a huge risk.

So today, I’m deleting all of my online dating profiles, and venturing out onto a brave new experiment called, “real life”.

A friend forwarded me an article about looks on the dating site Ok Okay, maybe it didn’t blow my mind, but it did validate everything that I’ve ever said about online dating.

Maybe he is a member of the armed forces and it's expected of him. It's part of natural attraction and therefore a major part of dating.And online, there are no facial cues or body language to guide you.We are decoding the online dating behavior of women and we have to admit, the results are pretty surprising.In my five years of being on dating websites, I’ve only gotten three messages that were initiated by women. When a girl joins a dating website, it’s a HUGE risk.There IS a chance that someone might stalk her, or threaten her, or send her inappropriate pictures. And if she is pretty, her inbox will be flooded with messages from guys who only want one thing.A woman I know once said about her prospective date; "Oh no, he won't do at all. I want a man with a full head of hair like my daddy had!" Another girl friend said to me; "I adore men with shaved heads, bald men are so masculine and sexy.What Online Dating Site First Learned About Women in 2013…When it comes to knowing what women want, men are often at a loss.The graph below shows the likelihood of a woman responding to a man by his age on First Met.com: Moral of the story: guys, don’t be afraid to approach a woman who’s a little older, you’re much more likely to get the reply you’re hoping for.A man’s chances of getting contacted online decline as his height decreases First analyzed over 250,000 interactions between its users to quantify how every inch increase in reported height impacts a male member’s likelihood of being contacted by a woman when she views his profile.


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