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Mirrior dating

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Welcome to the world's largest archive of old Daily Mirror editions dating back as far as 1903 when this popular tabloid newspaper was first launched.

If you dream a devil in a pit of charging flames, and you’re surrounded by demons, then it could be that you’re hiding a secret that you’re ashamed of.

When the dream involves you fighting against the devil, it shows that you will succeed in defeating your adversary, or you will be able to resist temptation.

Talking to the devil in your dreams, or rather the devil talks to you, it may represent that you will be put through a situation where you will be tempted to get yourself into something that may not be of in the best interest to you.

Sometimes, you may even have dreams of being friends with the devil, and this may imply that you are easily influenced, especially by the wrong group of people, or you will be manipulated into doing something for the wrong reasons.


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