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Is lacey wills dating kasey kahne

Over these years watching him race we have seen some pretty ladies by his side, for starters do you remember that cute brunette he was allegedly dating long time ago, Kristy Labonte. that is because her father is Terry Labonte former NASCAR driver her uncle is Bobby Labonte, Kristy is now married to her hubby Matt with whom she has two gorgeous children.

just make sure you smile and we get your name ‘cause time, it could be your name here at Fab WAGS!!!

Young Kasey Kahne won the Food City 500 at the Bristol Motor Speedway and while we are familiar with almost every NASCAR WAG, we are not so sure Kasey has a lady by his side to celebrate this win? for some time it seemed he was single, but lately he has been celebrating with this lovely Wag, her name is Casey Van Tassell!

32-year-old Kasey Kahne from Enumclaw, WA is racing with Hendricks Motorsports his team since 2012 before them he raced with Richard Petty Motorsports, before with Richard Petty Motorsports before that with Gillett Evernham Motorsports and even before them with Evernham Motorsports.

They normally know more about what we’ve done than we know about what we’ve done.

--- Tony Stewart There are female fans who take apart engines and will take you apart if you have a problem with that; who are drawn to the danger and mystery of the sport; who watch races on TV to witness pure passion and unscripted emotion; who love the camaraderie of these family-friendly festivals; who feel the nervous anxiety of the lip-biting wives atop the pit boxes. Everything was behind because of an abnormally wet summer.


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