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Hicks (pictured below) said he is not convinced that the remains are those of the king.

Instead, he argues, they could belong to a victim of any of the battles fought during the Wars of the Roses, of which the 1485 battle of Bosworth – at which Richard was killed – was the last significant example.

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: settlement pattern study CATEGORY: technique; term DEFINITION: The study of ancient human occupation and activity patterns within a specified area -- the distribution of features and sites, buildings, and other constructions in relation to the topography of a given area.

The principal raw materials for acetylene manufacture are calcium carbonate (limestone) and coal.This area was called Nemasket until 1669 when the town was settled as Middleberry, later changed to Middleborough.The river was also called the canal river and the land, lowland, and swamps through which it flowed were called the Canal Swamps. Maurice Robbins of Attleboro at the area near the mouth of the Nemasket River have revealed an Archaic Village in Middleborough that dates back to at least 2300 BC., Michael Hicks, head of history at the University of Winchester, and Martin Biddle, archaeologist and director of the Winchester Research Unit, raised concerns about the DNA testing, radiocarbon dating and damage to the skeleton.Biddle also notes that the team of archaeologists from the University of Leicester is yet to make excavation field records publicly available.“Therefore, the DNA match from the Leicester skeleton could equally be the result of the bones being those of someone descended in the female line from Richard’s mother, Cecily Neville, including her two daughters."It could also be those traceable from the other daughters of Cecily’s mother, Joan Beaufort, any daughters of her grandmother Katherine Swynford, and so on.The mouth and first few miles were discovered in the western portion of Middleborough in 1853 when the town of Lakeville was incorporated and that section of the river became part of that town.The rest of the river flows through Middleborough until it reached the Taunton River.The carbon-carbon triple bond leaves the carbon atoms with two sp hybrid orbitals for sigma bonding, placing all four atoms in the same straight line, with CCH bond angles of 180°.Above 400 °C(673 K) (which is quite low for a hydrocarbon), the pyrolysis of acetylene will start.


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