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Dating revere ware

Seams between pieces of copper are often joined together via cramped or castellated joints (sometimes imprecisely called dovetail joints), which are pounded flat and then sealed by brazing.

Lockseam joints are produced when a sheet of copper is folded back on itself at its meeting edges to create a pair of J-shapes, which can be hooked together, pounded flat, and soldered to make the seam watertight.

Rome Manufacturing was established in 1892 as a division of Rome Brass & Copper with manufacturing facilities in Rome, NY.

It produced a wide variety of household products (by the 1920’s it claimed to have made over 10,000), including kettles, washtubs, stills, bed-warmers, sauce pans, skillets, tea kettles and coffee pots.

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The Mc Kinley Tariff act of 1891 required that imported items be marked with their country of origin.

Revere’s early products included skillets with heavy copper bodies, straight sides, and flat uninsulated iron handles.

By 1900, Revere & Son had merged with the Taunton-New Bedford Copper Company, located in New-Bedford, Massachusetts.

Most pieces of copper hollowware—from pudding molds and tea kettles to pots and pans—employ a combination of these techniques.

Typically, a rolled sheet of the metal is either pounded into its desired shape if it’s not too deep (a saute pan) or cut into a rectangle and formed into a cylinder for a tall item (a stock pot or tea kettle), whose base will be attached as a separate piece.


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