Dating recovery

Understand what to be aware of when you are on dating sites so you can dodge those internet dating scams and love scammers!

Learn More Affected by an internet dating scam or romance scam?

“It’s created by people in recovery for people in recovery.” Shea promises the site—which just launched last month—is also very LGBT-friendly: “It’s hard enough to meet somebody in recovery if you’re straight, but trying to meet someone in recovery if you’re gay or transgender, where are you going to go?

And then the message with the asking for money came and I can’t lie – it completely knocked me for six!The idea for the site came from co-founder Paul Kole, who faced his own struggles while trying to date during recovery.Determined not to be the “creepy guy at the supermarket” hitting on girls, he joined forces with Shea, who already ran her own "Sexy and Sober" clothing and accessories line.Find Sober Love and develop Sober Friendships with THOUSANDS of other Recovering Singles from around the World.*It is suggested by AA and most 12 Step Groups of Recovery to wait one year before entering into a romantic relationship.Although Sexy and Sober Singles is just getting off the ground now, they both have high hopes that the site—the first of its kind—will flourish.“Everybody should be connected in one way or another," Kole tells .The advice to not date or become involved with someone intimately during early recovery is a frequent point of resistance.People involved in 12-step programs often rely on the “one-year rule” for guidance.Ok so you can stop beating yourself up and know that it is not your fault.Learn how and why even the most intelligent and sensible people are drawn in by these highly sophisticated romance scams.


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