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Dating antique picture frames

How do I know if my eyeframe is real gold or gold-plated or gold-filled w/o any hallmarks? The pendant has a pyramid with just written inside and 750 below... hi i have an 18 ct gold maltese cross ring that belonged to my brother. on ones side of the clasp it's marked "Italy" on one side and there are … Hallmark "TP" inside Parallelogram on 18 karat Gold Pendant Hello: I'm trying to find out the name of the artist/jeweler who designed this pendant, approximately when it was made and any other info on the jeweler … Pendant has the following hallmarks on the back and also on the side of the bail. It has the following marks -there is a stamped 22K Followed by an indented rectangle with the initials … Hi I'm looking at a ring right now and it is 10k gold. Thank goodness you exist, there is not a lot of good hallmark info on the web. It is recessed into the spine of the gold bar of the cufflink. What does a back to back R stamp on this brooch mean? Age and origin of my great great great grandmother's wedding ring I've attached two photos of my great great great grandmother's wedding ring; we've passed it down through the family for years and never known where it … One round brooch and one little brooch with a little hidden place. "Non-Jewelry Item | Tiny Little John" 1901 | Who produced this please? it is set in a raised fashion, many small, almost like eyelet setting around the stone. Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring Hallmark | Marked "PLAT" I have a solitaire Art Deco diamond engagement ring with a hallmark I would like to know more about, so can you help me please? 375, anchor, set of scales, Hallmark identification I have inherited a ring from my Aunt which looks like a cluster of 8 diamonds with an amethyst centre stone, from what I can make out the hallmark on the … Get an Expert Valuation on Antique Jewelry in 48 hours for .99 US! IT IS STERLING SILVER & HAS A HALLMARK THAT LOOKS TO BE A SIDEWAYS 8 / INFINITY SYMBOL. How do I know if my eyeframe is real gold or gold-plated or gold-filled w/o any hallmarks? The pendant has a pyramid with just written inside and 750 below... X i have an 18ct maltese cross ring with the letter s in a cut corner box and a crown... piece of jewelry as a gift from a saudi prince rep 30 years ago when worked at bank. mark on back VI or V1 beside it a snake eating it's tail What is the item? i recently found a set of antique 14k gold cuff links or buttons? they are marked with a "stylized R" directly followed by "14K". chain hallmarked c * c ( thats letter c star shape letter c just come across a gold coloured chain with the hallmaks c star shape c, would like to know if this mark represents gold, and which country it hales from, … Italian diamond braclet found with metal detector - ladder mark dug up a diamond bracelet on my brother's property built in the early 1800's. What honest to goodness looked like a tiny dent on the outside … I was given a gold ring that has these hallmarks inside and was wondering if you could please tell me what they mean... 22 k signet ring with compartment on the inside I have an old gold ring that has always intrigued me. 19th century rose gold ring: OB, C, three crowns Hi Hallmark Guru! Cufflinks that are supposed to be 18K, but all I see is a tiny stamp 700 A I don't know if all I'm seeing is part of the mark, but I definitely see 700 A. You give me already an answer on my questions about two brooches. I have a huge, 2 1/2" by 1 1/4" by 1/4" front to back Sterling Silver pendant hallmarked or maker signed O. I bought two pieces of antique jewelry which I think very beautiful. Crown, Heart, Dagger 22| Marks inside ring band This is a small wide band ring with a red stone.Wanted Kerosene Boat Shaped Billiard Lights, Billiard Related - The Brunswick Bros Stephani & Hart Co Billiard Items, Revolving Billiard Cue Racks, Victorian Racks, Monkey Chalk Holder Counter-Weight Pulley Systems, Cast Iron Elephant Leg Club Room Tables & Pool Tables, Cast Iron Horses Billiard Tables, Cast Iron Lion Billiard Tables, Cast Iron Gargoyle Billiard Tables, Phelan & Collender Related Billiard Items, John Moses Brunswick Billiard Items, Benedict Billiard Co N. The Brunswick Balke Collender Company made different hand marquetry pictures, mostly of animals to promote the different veneer options they had available for there billiard tables, buyers had a choice. Remnants of paper label on back side with black background. Brunswick Balke Collender Company Leather Pea Pool Bottle & Ivory Numbered Peas. marked: The Brunswick Balke Collender Company Manufactures of Carom And Pocket Billiard Tables, leather pea pool bottle with #1. for imitation jacobean, tudor, stuart and gothic furniture made in the 1830’s.

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In some instances we have included pictures to enhance the meaning of the word or term and we have also tried to index each term so that you may link to the explanation when the word or term appears in other pages on the site.Browse through Online Galleries’ large collection of antique chests for sale from reputable dealers.We showcase a vast amount of stock, including cedar chests, blanket chests, tool chests and hope chests. A rare chance to purchase a set of Archie Gunn Girls original water colors for decorating the walls of your billiard room. The Brunswick Balke Collender Company made different hand marquetry pictures, mostly of animals to promote the different veneer options they had available for there billiard tables, buyers had a choice. Rare picture of Willie Hoppe from the National Police Gazette, No. Showing the Brunswick Monarch table, The Standard Nonpareil Novelty table, The Brilliant Novelty table, The Eclipse tables, The New Acme table, The Exposition Novelty table, The Amaranth table, American Bagatelle and Pigeon-hole Combination, The Home Billiard table, The Parepa table, The Virginius table, The Pigeon Hole table. Revolving Billiard Cue Racks, Hotel Style Cue Rack, New York Style Cue Rack, Eastlake Cue Rack, Queen Anne Cue Rack, Exposition Marquetry Cue Rack, Monarch Cue Rack, Excelsior Cue Rack, Step Banner Cue Rack, Monarch Pool Ball Rack, Eastlake Pool Ball Rack. They all measure 27 1/8" x 21 1/8" including the frames, all three frames are original and have a two piece wooden backing. Brunswick Balke Collender Company Wooden Marquetry Picture (Stag). Willie Hoppe - The Young American Billiardist Whose Wonderfull Playing Has Created a Sensation in This Country and Abroad. Great wall art conversation piece to go with your antique Brunswick Balke Collender Company billiard table. Brunswick Balke Collender Company Wooden Marquetry Picture (Standing Lion). This rare original marquetry picture the (Standing Lion) measures 24 3/4" x 16 1/4". A must have for the serious billiard collectors pool room. This original wooden marquetry picture the (Stag) measures 22 3/4" x 14 3/4", the back side shows a picture of the front naming all the different veneers used in the making of this rare marquetry picture. Visit the Antique Jewelry Investor Resource Center... sideways 8 / infinity symbol / another unknown symbol STERLING I AM LOOKING FOR ANY INFORMATION ON THIS RING! What does a stylized hallmark "R" on 14K gold represent? I've beeen told my ring is 18 ct white gold and there are three diamonds; a large one in the middle and smaller diamonds on either side of the large central … I have a small 14K gold malachite cabachon ring in a very simplistic plain setting. It was my wife's great grand mothers, who lived in Newfoundland Canada. diamond and 9 carat gold ring for my 18th birthday! my 18th birthday was a week ago and my mum knows my love of all things antique and old so she got me a rather cute and dainty secondhand diamond and 9 … Please let me know the meaning of this (hall)mark and the time period ? can you identify the maker of this huge ab rhinestone and sterling pendant? I A Stamp on Blue Sapphire and Diamond 14K White Gold Ring I purchased a 14KT white gold, blue sapphire and diamond ring from an antique dealer approximately 2 years ago. RE ANTIQUE RING HALLMARK ID |Triangle Symbol HAVE A RING WITH HALLMARK INSIDE IT WITH '4KT ' FOLLOWED BY A TRIANGLE SYMBOL... 10K with ADL and 10K with GTA or GTR marked gold rings Hi, I have 2 gold rings with genuine blue Topaz stones each. Can you tell me please what hallmark (country) this is?Pic was taken with basic digital cam, no frills, close-up very difficult - even in macro! Hello, I have a golden ring (22.6 carat) with rock crystals. It's a 23- stone ring with a larger middle stone and two a little less on either side. I found another ring online that is for sale with the same mark, the description … Akam Billiard Items, Cardboard Billiard Related Lithograph Posters, Marquetry Billiard Cues, Pre-1920 Billiard Catalogs, Antique Unused Round Billiard Cue Chalks, Ivory Pool Ball Sets With Hand Scrimshaw Numbers.1. Complete - Original - #12 page billiard tables & accessories catalog in nice condition. The Eclipse two font Kerosene Billiard Light, The Eclipse four font Kerosene Billiard Light And The Monitor Boat shaped two font Kerosene Billiard Light. These original Archie Gunn water colors are in nice condition considering they are 106 years old. The clock cardboard dial has been remade in a heavy stock cardboard as the original cardboard dials were made of a thinner stock cardboard never anticipating them to be used for 147 years. Brunswick & Balke Co.'s c1870s Billiard and Pool Tables And General Billiard Merchandise Catalog. A rare set of original water colors by: Artist Archie Gunn for: The Brunswick Balke Collender Company c 1910 to promote their different style billiard tables. This 1868 Time Price Register Clock retains its original patina and does have the normal signs of its age with a few nicks and dings adding to the antiquity of the piece.


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