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"Nowadays work and life are very integrated." In that light, these stats aren't surprising: 37 percent of people have dated a coworker, according to a 2015 survey by Career Builder, and 30 percent of those relationships ended in marriage (proving that an office romance is not always a disaster).

After firing CEO Dov Charney last month, American Apparel decided to update its company code of ethics with stricter guidelines regarding interoffice relationships.

But here’s the thing: Whether or not there are policies forbidding them, office relationships happen.Here's the scariest part: Most of these transgressions will go unreported. The victims are too embarrassed to admit that they were taken advantage of.They blame themselves for being foolish and gullible.Mixing work and romance has the potential to get awkward quickly, but plenty of people do date and even ultimately marry coworkers. That’s no surprise — after all, we spend an enormous amount of time at work, and when you work closely with people, it’s human nature that you might end up romantically interested in one of them. But the caution was worth it: Five years after that first date, he proposed.where you eat.) But as more Americans postpone marriage until their careers are established—and as hours get longer, with smartphones blurring work and play—it makes sense that attitudes are changing.But many risk everything — including access to their business, their business resources, and their personal finances — by blindly and prematurely trusting the people they become emotionally or sexually involved with.In other words, poor relationship choices could tank your business.They'd rather take their losses and forget the whole thing, than diminish their images and reputations as smart business people.Partners and employees who know the true story may keep it to themselves, for fear of violating the privacy of their colleagues.


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