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Dads against daughters dating gun t shirt

And if I hadn’t dated anyone ever, there would be a lot that I missed out on learning. Would you think the shirt was funny if it was “dads against sons dating? For sons, fathers worry about what kind of girl they’re dating.

But it’s not like this shirt is promoting arranged marriages or anything. (Another way this comes into play is the idea that it’s ok for a boy to date a “slut” as long as he’s not going to marry her.

I was at the beach a few days ago with my family, and my dad pointed out a shirt that he thought was funny. It’s not “just a joke” when it reinforces stereotypes about how girls need to be kept safe and virgin through no choice of their own.

Not only did it have that phrase on it, it had a shotgun and words in small print that said, “shoot the first one and they won’t come back.” I didn’t think it was funny. Why would I think a joke about killing my boyfriend is funny? It’s not “just a joke” when there’s a part of the joker that really means what they’re saying.

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The ones where a third of the shirts have offensive phrases on them, a third are internet memes, and a third are nonsensical – and out of that mix maybe half of them are funny. It’s especially not “just a joke” when people get shot on a regular basis for all manner of stupid reasons.

You might recognize AIG as the organization that built the 7000 square foot, million creation museum.

or Stephen Colbert it would be funny; even with the target and the gun. The t-shirt is being sold by Reformation Bookstore which is a division of Tolle Lege Press. , president of Chalcedon and Ross House Books, editor-in-chief of The promotional materials boast that the 1599 bible was the first to include chapters and numbered verses…

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