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Chicago redeye dating

SFGate put together a list of 100 hard-to-pronounce foods so you won't embarrass yourself on that first date.

Wonder why the so-called love of your life left you?

I added additional detail and shading with the brush tool. It keeps the contrast dramatic like candle light after dark.

I kept the background red for the extra warmth, and it also happens to be Red Eye's identifying color.

Red Eye partnered with How About We to launch a dating site for gay, straight, lesbian, bi, and curious singles in Chicago. Participants describe their perfect evening, and a date decides to join them.

Well that's exactly what one 21-year-old Naperville man was charged with doing last month on the South Side.

How about jump in your car and drive 111 mph while ignoring streetlights and stop signs?

The people in the illustrations are very loosely based on people I've known that would look visually interesting paired together.

The gay couple's drinks are real drinks that I would like to mix up someday: a kiwi champagne cocktail and a raspberry cosmo.


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