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Emphasis is placed on the scientific and technical principles of modern forest management.This course introduces students to basic plant and soil science (plant structure and growth). We don’t just talk about being collaborative, we live it. Our culture is part of what makes our corporate DNA different from other boutique matchmaking firms.We’re proud to have sponsored numerous events and charities throughout our history.Banking/Financial Services Budgeting Buying a Home Career Charitable Giving Coin Recognition/Values Credit Decision Making Economic Reasoning Entrepreneurism Financial Behavior Financial Goals General Information Holidays Identity Theft Income Insurance Investments Loans Monetary and Fiscal Policy Money Management Opportunity Costs & Tradeoffs Other Parent Assignments Retirement Planning Saving/Spending Scarcity & Choices Supply & Demand Taxes A unique teaching tool that will provide school age and adult learners with non-commercial information that they need to know for sound financial decision making and investing throughout their lives.

Agricultural and Natural Resources I is designed to introduce the student to fundamental concepts and principles of the modern agricultural and natural resources industry.

Today’s financial institutions use artificial intelligence to improve prediction models, analyze cash demands and trading.

Merantix provides cutting edge technology to support our venture partners in their effort to stay ahead of the curve.

We have a strong bias for partnerships with companies that have powerful data sets, and relatively short decision cycles. We are willing to take investment risks together with our venture partners.

We build partnerships with leading companies and organizations to assemble complex datasets and build machine learning solutions that address industries such as health, finance, automotive and advertising.


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