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[] I hereby bring this case of are-they-or-aren't-they to order. I assume you, the esteemed jurors, are well aware of the precedence in this case. ) and dining twice this week, first with Swift's mom on Monday (repeat: he's met the mother!

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I do not have too big breasts or 10 fingers on one hand, but I have something that is more valuable! more about Ira from Zaporozhye Good legs will sooner or later stumble, proud back bends, black beard will turn gray, curly head will grow bald, a beautiful face will be covered with wrinkles, a deep gaze will fa...

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Masika isn’t dragging her baby’s father for the sex tape though and made it clear to any of her fans or haters that she’s not going to put her BD down on their timelines. Like, that b—h is just mad because she wants to be with Fetty and he don’t want her. She’s mad that he exposed her nationally on TV and she’s just trying to make herself relevant. I’m 22, like you had the opportunity to do these things and you didn’t.