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For the first time in a Honda, the Crossroad will be equipped with Hill-Start Assist which temporarily maintains brake pressure after the brake pedal is released when starting on a hill.Under normal driving conditions, the Crossroad behaves as a FWD vehicle.The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, especially for those with limited mobility.A shower commode chair is a convenient and safe piece of equipment to help prevent falls in the bathroom.

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The safety record of the US nuclear navy is excellent, this being attributed to a high level of standardisation in naval power plants and their maintenance, and the high quality of the Navy's training program.

Instead, and in context, the rule means that once the required information has been submitted to the EPA for review, the operator does not have to delay construction until it receives a decision on the necessity of a permit, but may commence construction prior to a “determination from the Administrator.” Of course, if the operator actually begins construction without waiting for a “determination” from the EPA and it later turns out that a permit was required, a violation of NSR has occurred, and the operator risks penalties and injunctive relief requiring mitigation of illegal emissions, a possible shut down of the unit, or a retrofit with pollution controls to meet emissions standards. (Batchelder Concurrence at 6, 7; Rogers Opinion at 20) DTE I foreclosed that question in holding that an operator who begins construction without making a projection in accordance with the regulations is subject to enforcement, no matter what post-construction data later shows. The district court erred initially and again on remand when it ruled that post-construction data could be used to show that a construction project was not a “major modification.” Apparently, it is necessary to reiterate that the applicability of NSR must be determined before construction commences and that liability can attach if an operator proceeds to construction without complying with the preconstruction requirements in the regulations.

Judge Rogers's current dissent seems to take a broader view of this regulation than the text permits in repeatedly cautioning that permitting the EPA's enforcement action to go forward would create “a de facto prior approval system.” (Rogers Opinion at 15, 17, 19) But this reading is patently too expansive, because the regulation does not say that the EPA has to accept projections at face value or that it is prohibited from questioning their legitimacy. In terms of the remand, it is important to note that the panel unanimously agrees—now that DTE I is the law of this case and of the circuit—that actual post-construction emissions have no bearing on the question of whether DTE's preconstruction projections complied with the regulations.

The dissent here would affirm this grant of summary judgment on the basis that USEPA has not raised a valid claim of regulatory non-compliance and mere second guessing is impermissible.

OPINIONThis case is before us for a second time, following an order of remand in United States v. I dissented because actual events had disproven USEPA's projected (hypothetical) emissions calculations (which were the entire basis for its claim), USEPA had not accused DTE of any noncompliance with any regulations, and the majority opinion was creating a de facto prior-approval or second-guessing scheme. Therefore, this time around we again face the question of whether USEPA may second guess DTE's preconstruction emission projections, using its own hypothetical projections, without regard to actual events.


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