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No.1/1/2016-E-III(A), dated 13th January 2017 have been issued making clear that Government has decided to extend revised pay scales as per the Pay Matrix and pay fixation to the employees of autonomous bodies subject to following stipulations.i) Service conditions esp., working hours, OTA payment etc. Employees, ii) Employees have to opt for revised pay structure, iii) Deductions have to be made on the basis of revised pay w.e.f. However, revised pay scales contained in Parts 'B' & 'C' of the schedule of the CCS (RP) Rules 2016,shall be applicable after concerned Administrative Ministry submits proposals to the Finance Ministry after examining justifications of such proposals.Implementation of 7th CPC and revision of pay scales of employees of autonomous bodies has been delayed due to the reason that Ministry of Finance ordered implementation of the recommendations of the Expenditure Management Commission (EMC) which included review of autonomous bodies for various options such as their continuance of working with the government, merger with other autonomous bodies or closure of a particular autonomous body etc.Earlier in a reply on 9th December 2016 to a question asked by some MPs in Parliament, Minister of state for Finance indicated that an appropriate decision in regard to extension of the recommendations of the 7th CPC pertaining to pay matters of employees of Quasi-Government organizations, Autonomous organizations and Statutory Bodies etc.

Key features…- Like and chat with other Antidaters- “Meet in Real Life” - hit the button when you are ready to get into the real world.Some employers think that nepotism—hiring an employee’s spouse or other relative—is an efficient way to recruit new workers and to keep them happy by surrounding them with loved ones.But others adamantly refuse to allow two spouses to be part of their workforce."All the online-first sites felt dated to us,” explains Antidate's co-founder Hatty Kingsley-Miller. But it does contain a number of features which we think a young, confident, social audience will love.” “It's the only app to have a truly asymmetric experience," Kingsley-Miller says.“Mobile daters don't have any non-mass-market, non-bland, progressive options. "Girls can see the guys on a map, but guys can't see the girls at all unless they are approached via a 'tap'.Whilst many still rely heavily on websites to date and socialise online, it didn't taken long for Millennials like me to come to expect a mobile-first experience from their dating technology.This explains the storming success of mobile-only Tinder; a phenomenon which has not yet been aped by any other app.A number of states prohibit discrimination based on marital status.In all of these states, it's illegal to treat an employee differently based on the fact that he or she is married, single, or divorced.In fact, all the other app-based dating options feel a little unexciting to the Twitter generation.But two (female) school friends from Wimbledon with no tech background whatsoever have finally got me feeling optimistic once more about the possibility of finding love on an i Phone screen.


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