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Accommodating people hidden disabilities

Many people do not believe that hidden disabilities are bona fide disabilities needing accommodation.

Hidden disabilities can result in functional limitations which substantially limit one or more of the major life activities, just like those which are visible.

She was also placed on a flexible schedule that gave her more time for counseling and exercise.

The supervisor trained the employees co-workers on stress management and provided the office manager information about the companys employee assistance program.

The article suggests that providing accommodations for individuals with hidden disabilities makes good business sense for all parties involved.

Employers benefit from including a qualified and diverse applicant/employee pool.

Image of Joyce Bender I have a great way to quiet a room - start talking about my epilepsy to a group of strangers.

In 2008, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA) redefined what it means to be disabled.

Today, more people are protected under the ADA and other Federal disability nondiscrimination laws.

Why are these invisible disabilities considered disabilities?

What impact do they have in developing university courses?


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