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I am saddened though to see it in small print as those who love this Bible are older now and would likely appreciate the larger print that the original version had.I still have my original one after having it rebound.We will take this amazing journey together and learn why this text is not an official book of the Bible.Have you ever wanted to know the scriptures like the back of your hand?This eight-session video-based bible study (guide sold separately), join pastor and bestselling Andy Stanley as he examines the characteristics Jesus used to define those who follow him and the implications they have for believers today. Jesus referenced ‘disciple’ as the key word he used to describe his supporters along with the fact that they would be known for their love – a novel concept for their time – and ours today. Instead, Christian was a label used by outsiders to define Jesus’ followers.Of course we all know that the multiplicity of all the new modern versions are a big problem but another big problem is the fact that many of the worldly publishing companies are publishing Bibles and calling them King James Bibles when in actuality they are not. Because the King James Bible is in the publick domain and not copyrighted, these worldly publishing companies think they can make minor changes to the standard text so that they can please certain groups which translates into extra sales for them. All the common ordinary Bible believer wants is the same Bible that his grandmother had and the same Bible her grandmother had and the same Bible her grandmother had etc. Just give us the text that has established itself as the standard text of the Holy Bible, an old fashioned, Christ exalting, devil kicking, Authorized King James Bible.To the best of my understanding this is the 1769 edition of the 1611 King James Bible with a few minor printing errors and spellings corrected along the way in the 1800's.

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In this study of Daniel's 70 Weeks, you will discover this amazing prophecy in the Old Testament predicted the very day that Jesus presented himself as the Meschiach Nagid, the Messiah, the King, to Jerusalem. But how are unity, peace, and security to be attained?The answer is simple: It is directly quoted in the New Testament by Jude (vv.14-15). Jesus also used content from The Book of Enoch in many of his sermons in Matthew and Luke.In this text, you will hear the word of God through this amazing document.There seemed to be a wide range of responses at to how frequently Bible readers actually read the Scriptures.Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they do it nearly every day, while 22 percent read it three to five times a week and another 22 percent read it once or twice a week.This article is Copyrighted by Theological Research, a department of The Believers Organization.Permission is granted to copy and distribute this article, or any portion of it, as long as it's not for profit and not edited in any manner whatsoever.Through faith in the Lord Jesus alone can we obtain forgiveness of our sins and be at peace with God; but, believing in Jesus, we become, through this very faith, the children of God; have God as our Father; and may come to him for all the temporal and spiritual blessings we need.When he trusted in an extraordinary God, George Müller discovered endless possibilities and helped thousands of people throughout his lifetime.Hobbes’ answer is sovereignty, but the resurgence of interest today in Leviathan is due less to its answers than its methods: Hobbes sees politics as a science capable of the same axiomatic approach as geometry.Why is The Book of Enoch so important to anyone interested in Biblical history?


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